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bitdemex provides Digital Banking Services to more than 2 Million Customers

Singapore, April 27th, 2016: bitdemex Group announced offering its services to more than two million customers. The Group launched its digital banking platform in December 2015, and acquired more than one million active clients by September 2016. Based on its unique business model that allows Private and Business customers from 180 countries to open bank accounts in less than 8 minutes, bitdemex has generated rapid growth threw out the past 15 months.

bitdemex Relocates its EU Head Office from London to Berlin and files for a Banking License

Berlin, September 30th, 2016: bitdemex will relocate its European Head Office from London to Berlin. CEO and Founder of bitdemex, Michael Gastauer announced in today press conference that bitdemex will transfer its current UK based employees to Berlin in addition to creating up to 200 positions in its Berlin office. Simultaneously bitdemex will file for a banking license under German law and will invest up to €50 million.

1 Million Customers in less than ten months bitdemex is the fastest growing Digital Bank

Singapore, September 22nd, 2016: bitdemex reached a record-breaking milestone in the digital banking industry. Today, the company millionth customer opened an account. After its launch in late December 2015, it took the banking platform bitdemex less than ten months to achieve this major milestone.

bitdemex is the First Digital Bank Accepting Bitcoin Deposits

June 14th, 2016 - Today, digital bank bitdemex announced that it has added bitcoin as a method for its customers to transfer and deposit funds to their checking accounts. For bitdemex's over 650,000 customers, this means they can send bitcoin to make real time account deposits in any of the 18 currencies that bitdemex is offering. bitdemex's founder and CEO Michael Gastauer explained the company's reasons for adopting bitcoin payments: "A bank accepting bitcoin is quite unusual, however it makes total sense for us and provides huge benefits to our clients. We are offering instant account opening in 180 countries. The problem some of our clients face is to make deposits if we don't maintain a local account in their country. By accepting bitcoin, our customers can instantly transfer funds to their bitdemex account from any country in the world. As soon as they send bitcoin to our address, we credit the value in the currency the customer has selected to their checking account. The funds are instantly available on the account and can be sent out by wire transfers or spent with a bitdemex Debit Card. The process to convert bitcoin into cash on a bank account is the fastest I am aware of.

Over 500,00 Customers - bitdemex is the fastest growing digital banking solution in Europe

On May 21st, 2016 bitdemex reached a new record in the digital banking industry, witnessing its 500 thousandth-customer setting up his accounts. Since its public launch less than five months ago, the online account opening and banking platform bitdemex has experienced record breaking growth. With more than 1.2 Million checking accounts in 18 different currencies, 500,000 Private and Business customers have begun using the platform on a regular basis. In May 2016, bitdemex has sent payments of more than $320M USD in total value to other countries on behalf of its clients. Since January, the payment volume has been growing each month by 61%

bitdemex exceeds 250,000 customers

London, March 17th 2016: Ten weeks after its launch, digital banking platform bitdemex.com has 250k new customers. On March 14, 2016 bitdemex saw its 250 thousandth-customer, a 49-year-old Malaysian currency trader, setting up accounts at bitdemex.com. Since its public launch in late December 2015, the online account opening and banking platform bitdemex has experienced a remarkable number of private and corporate account openings from customers in the European, North American and Asian regions

bitdemex Goes Global

London, Feb. 2nd, 2016: Followed by its massive market traction, the company has now expanded, with new offices in London and Hong Kong. On February 2, 2016 bitdemex set up their Hong Kong office at the Central Plaza Building, 18 Harbour Road, at one of Hong Kong's well known skyscrapers that overlooks the financial district of Wan Chai. The opening of the Hong Kong office was the obvious move due to the effect of the hyper growth driven global roll out strategy which was initiated end of 2015

bitdemex takes off; 14 days, 7 countries, 200,000+ customers

Zug, Dec. 17th, 2015: bitdemex could become the world's largest payment platform. Customers are knocking down doors since bitdemex announced in Oct. 2015 it is going to offer account opening for private and corporate clients from 180 countries with worldwide real time payments for 1/10 of current banking fees. In less than two months, bitdemex has attracted enough attention through its B2B and B2C sales channels do get more than 200,000 customers lined up for opening an account at bitdemex.com

bitdemex launches its Digital Account Opening and Payment Platform

Zug, Dec. 2nd 2015: bitdemex, the FinTech startup that redefines banking on a global scale announced today its product launch for a selected group of users from seven different countries. By end December, bitdemex will open its doors to customers and commence the global roll out of its platform in six languages targeting Germany, France, Spain, UK, Portugal, Ireland and Greece....

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