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bitdemex is offering real time account opening for Private and Business clients from 180 countries. We offer global cross border payments and account opening in 28 currencies. With our proprietary software IRTP© recipients can get funds credited instantly on their bank accounts. Senders pay ten times less than traditional banking. Users can transact money through their account balances, Bitcoin or Debit Cards. You can open your account remotely on this website or using our mobile app on your smart phone. The account is set up in minutes, with our 24/7 real time verification and activation service. With your Private Account you can:

  • Get Visa® Debit Cards (virtual or physical) in different currencies
  • Connect your virtual Visa® with your smart phone to pay via NFC
  • Freely convert currencies between your accounts for Bank Interchange rates
  • Hold funds, send and receive payments in more than 28 different currencies
  • Send and receive payments with instant fund crediting, worldwide
  • Transfer money to other bitdemex accounts in a split of seconds
  • Manage and monitor your cards and accounts in real time
  • Configure your account and card limits by yourself
  • Pay with your Visa® Debit card worldwide